Trail of Tears
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Storm #2 16 x22  $500 

Trail of Tears sold

Kim H. Ritter ©1998; Photo by Mike McCormick
41" x 29"
Silk, cotton, resist, and dye. Hand painted and machine quilted.

This quilt was part of the Stars and Stripes Forever Invitational Show in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This quilt is my response to a very disturbing part of American history which resulted in the removal of thousands of Native Americans from Georgia to Oklahoma. One of these Indians was my ancestor.

New Tears  30 x 22  "America: From the Heart"

 Tears #2 In a private collection in Houston TX

Trails  3 In a private collection in Prague, Czech Republic

Tears of the War Pony 49 x 27 sold
Touring with “911:Artistas Reaccionan” will be held at the Centro Cutural Norte Americano in Los Yoses, Costa Rica the entire month of February 2003 and The IXCHEL Textile Museum in Guatemala has agreed to host the exhibition for August 2003. Other international venues are planned.

In a private collection in New Mexico